coatroof-300x281DIATHON® Polyurethane Foam & Coating System


DIATHON is a high solids, 100% acrylic elastomer coating, specifically developed for protecting sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam insulation on roofs and tanks from degradation caused by exposure to normal weather conditions.

DIATHON is a non-oxidizing protective coating formulated with reinforcing laminar pigments and non-migrating fire retardants, with no added extenders or modifiers. It contains an unsurpassed biocide package that provides maximum resistance to algae and mildew growth. This combination, coupled with a unique emulsion polymerization technique, results in DIATHON’S superior durability, long-term weatherproofing and fire resistance. With regular maintenance and periodic recoating, the DIATHON/Polyurethane Foam roofing system can be sustained for the life of the building.

Benefits & Advantages…

  • Ultraviolet Resistance: DIATHON resists UV attack from the sun, which quickly breaks down coatings with lesser resin content. After 8,000 hours of accelerated weathering, DIATHON showed no surface checking or cracking, no delamination and no color fade. This testing is equivalent to 20+ years of actual exposure.
  • Water Resistance: DIATHON effectively protects polyurethane foam insulation from wind-driven rain. After 40 hours of continuous testing in a pressurized chamber producing 5″ of water pressure (equivalent to 100 mph wind-driven rain), no measurable moisture penetrated the DIATHON coating.
  • Warranty: UNITED’S 5, 10 and 15-Year Standard and System Warranty Programs provide a solid guarantee to the Building Owner that the DIATHON/Polyurethane Foam coating system will not leak water. These non- prorated warranties are extendable beyond the initial warranty term.
  • Long Term Fire Protection: Non-migratory fire retardants are dispersed into the raw material complex in the manufacturing process. These fire retardants become an integral and inseparable part of the DIATHON membrane, providing permanent fire protection.
  • High Acrylic Resin Content: DIATHON contains a lower filler pigment load and higher acrylic resin content than other coatings. This high ratio of acrylic resin offers long term weathering, permanent flexibility and resistance to damage caused by moisture intrusion.
  • No Plasticizers: There are no migratory plasticizers in DIATHON. Plasticizers initially provide improved elongation properties to liquid-applied coatings, but are susceptible to attack by sunlight. This causes coatings of lesser quality to rapidly deteriorate and as a result, become brittle, developing surface cracking and checking.
  • Film Breathing Ability: Though impervious to mass water, DIATHON allows moisture vapor to escape from the building interior. DIATHON has a perm rating of 3.0 at 20 dry mils. This film breathing ability helps to prevent loss of thermal efficiency caused by moisture trapped within the substrate.
  • Sustainable Roofing: A DIATHON/Polyurethane Foam roofing system is fully sustainable. With standard maintenance and periodic recoating, it will last for the life of the building.