No roofing system can stand up totally against the forces of nature at her worst.  The advantage of foam roofing, over other conventional roofing systems, is that it usually will not leak after even the most severe hail storms.  And if it does, the leakage is usually localized and very minimal.  Also, it can be fixed with much less cost then fixing traditional membrane roofing systems as no tear off will be required.

Ever wonder why there are so many people at your door wanting to look at your roof after a hail storm?  They are trying to cash in on the fact that many roofs will start to leak immediately after a severe hail storm.  And the people they send out will be their high pressure salesmen that will try and get you to sign on the dotted line for those high cost emergency repairs.  With a spray foam roofing system, your roof usually can wait months, even more before any leaks or serious damage will get through to the interior of your building.  People who want to make sure the contents and ceilings of their buildings stay dry after a severe storm should check out the benefits of spray foam roofing.

See the article on what needs to be done after a hail storm and how easy it would be instead of tearing off your old roof and adding a complete new one:

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